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February 13, 2017

Destiny Blogs

A subscriber suggested we write about destiny. At first, it was planned to be a single post. However, as with many things in life, it became apparent that we were scratching the surface of a greater universal question – Why are we here? To do justice to the subject and to our readers, we are launching a multi-post project in a journey of self discovery and personal growth.

What is Your Life’s Destiny?

To some it is a holy grail to seek that once found will give all the answers to our profoundest questions.  To others, it is an adventure undertaken with trepidation, guided by an ever changing map and compass.

But how do you find your destiny? But most importantly, do you even know it? Or does it even exist? It has been argued that everything is a product of chance and therefore, any effort to control that reality is an illusion designed by ourselves to avoid the horrible truth of our own insignificance and powerlessness. There is some degree of truth to this. You had no control of where you were born or into what family. Yet as some point you started to make choices – some measured, others impulsive.  And these choices led to other choices until an external circumstance or force changed the perimeters of your life and presented to you with a whole new set of choices.

But is this destiny or just a series of events strung together?

In the next upcoming blogs we are going to explore:

  • 5 Steps to Reach Your Destiny
  • Discovering Your Purpose
  • How to Harness the Power of Choice to Live Your Destiny

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