Leveraging the Power of Choice

March 13, 2017

In the last blog I outlined 5 steps to reach your destiny. Short and to the point. The thing is your destiny is made up of choices. Now there’s a lot of things out of our control. Genetics being one of them or the kind of family we are born into. Some things are pretty universal like the crazy uncle or the messed up cousin. Natural disasters, the weather, taxes, death….the list goes on and on. The truth of the matter is, in spite of what we like to think, we control only 5% of our world at best. The upside is that 5% makes all the difference when you leverage the power of choice.

Tale of the Boulder

Imagine a giant granite boulder as large as a car. And this granite boulder just dropped off the mountainside of humanity with your name on it. On the way down you notice that a few boulders land in sunny meadows surrounded by giant butterflies and smiling daisies. Others land in deep ravines and gutters filled with vipers and snakes. (I have nothing against snakes, I just like the imagery). And the majority of boulders land together in a rocky field with no vegetation in the dark shadows of a looming mountaintop.

This is where you end up.

Now you sit there surrounded by a bunch of other rocks and nothing is changing. The ground is barren and nothing is growing – not a twig in sight.  It finally dawns on you that you would be happier in the sunny valley below full of daisies, honey bees, and other delightful things. But how do you get there when you’re a quarter of a ton boulder!

Law of the Lever

Mechanically a lever is a rigid rod or beam that pivots on a fulcrum that when applied, produces a greater output force from a smaller input force.

In everyday terms, you can move big stuff with little effort. Works great for little guys like myself in moving furniture and dating bigger women (excluding my wife). This principle of leverage can be applied to your life as well. Your choices act as a fulcrum and your actions are the lever to move your life forward. How far you move will depend on where and when you make your choices (fulcrum) and how much action or effort (lever) you apply. With continuous application of choice and action, you will eventually gain momentum and speed towards your goals.

I know it seems a little simple and to a degree it is. But truth lies in simplicity. What you choose to focus your energy on effects your outcomes. Be strategic and purposeful. 

Back to Boulders ( Basics)

In many ways our lives can become like boulders. We become stuck to a specific place or circumstance, unmoved and inert, waiting for something to happen. Surrounded by other boulders, we start to accept our status as permanent. No one else is moving, why should we? And you would be right because until you make a decision to move, nothing is going to change. Once you make a decision, take massive action on that decision and like a lever on a fulcrum, you will be lifted from your point of inertia. You may feel like you only moved an inch but it’s an inch further than where you were before. Be persistent. Keep applying pressure. Leverage your choices. Eventually you will gain momentum towards your goals and the amount of pressure to keep moving forward will be less until you are rapidly rolling towards your dreams.

However, thinking about your goals is not enough. I think about sh*t all day long. I haven’t won an NBA ring, hit #1 on iTunes or own a stretch Mini Cooper XXL with a hot tub in it. If the Law of Attraction is all you needed, then I would have lions and giraffes hanging out in my living room. 

You MAKE It Happen

Write out the action steps to accomplish your goals. Whether it’s taking a class or saving 10% of your paycheck, make sure your are very specific about what you need to do. If you don’t know, find out! Google the hell out of it. Network with others in your area of interest. Be a student of success.

Assign deadlines to your actions steps. This creates accountability and this is where so many people drop ball. This is what separates the wheat from the chaff…the Doers from the Sayers…..You get the picture. Make the deadlines challenging but not impossible. For example: Being a champion golfer in 30 days. Really? Tiger Woods was smacking balls around since he was a kid. Choose realistic deadlines based upon informed research and advice.

Now post your goals and action steps where you can see it everyday – in your bathroom, on your computer desktop, your cellphone wallpaper. Set reminders on your calendars. Remember, out of sight is out of mind.

Take massive action. Work your plan!  We have a finite amount of time on this earth – 37,843,200 minutes to be exact…unless you engage in stupid, reckless behavior then cut that time in half. Every minute counts down to zero. Don’t waste time blaming someone or something for your circumstances. Be conscious of your minutes like having a celestial limited prepaid cell phone plan with an early termination penalty. Above all else, don’t wait.

With the right choices and the right amount of force you can move anything, even a boulder.


Leveraging the Power of Choice
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Leveraging the Power of Choice
Using the Law of Lever to maximize the effects of choice on your life.
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