April 9, 2017


Advice on having Children during Medical School or Residency

Choosing to have children As a female medical doctor I get asked frequently, “When is the best time to get pregnant?”...“Should I finish my training first before I have kids?” … Let’s assume you are pursuing a medical career (although some of my advice might be relevant to any female professional) and let’s assume you already know that the most likely time to get pregnant is by having sex around the time of ovulation which is around 14 days after…

Moi moi nigerian black bean cake

Moi Moi: Delicious steamed Nigerian bean cakes

Sometimes you crave something hot, delicious & healthy - Well this is it! Moi Moi is a Nigerian dish, a sort of savory bean pudding served alone or as a side dish.   It has been over 20 years since I lived in Nigeria but I still remember how happy it made me to eat it! Little did I know back then how nutritious it was. It is made with Black eyed peas which are a great source of iron, which…